Population Health Management

Given the penalties being levied by insurance companies and CMS, population health management is no longer a “nice to have” service, but an absolute necessity. A repeat health breakdown or a re-admit is an extremely expensive proposition.

It has been proven that throwing money at the inherent challenges of population health management does not necessarily mean better outcomes. The traditional, “one size fits all approach”, or a static strategy seldom has the stickiness needed to truly engage the patient after the discharge to meaningfully impact the patient’s health.

Furthermore, the typical Case Management strategies are expensive and not very scalable. Hence organizations have no choice but to selectively pick a few patient candidates to engage with based on the information at the time of the discharge. Five days after the discharge, the healthcare organization seldom has any knowledge of how the patient is doing. The state of the patient is a “black-box”!

ENCOURAGE is a scalable solution engages the population and delivers customized post-discharge care plans, reminders, alerts and patient-education to the population while in their homes. It also gathers information from patient and stratifies it in a way that provides deep insight into the patient’s health and pre-empt potential break-downs. ENCOURAGE helps organizations make decision on where to put it effort to maximize health outcomes.

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