Accountable Care

Tectonic shifts are taking place in the healthcare sector.

Escalating costs in healthcare is driving the industry to reevaluate the way healthcare is provided.

In the past healthcare organization and providers could treat patients on an ad-hoc basis i.e. on a fee-for-service model. Today these organization are being held responsible for the for “cradle-to-grave” health of their patients.

They are being mandated to provide a holistic care and pro-actively manage the care of their patients. This is a big ask for the typical healthcare organization and provider who can barely keep up with their day-to-day operations and pay their bills.

How is a healthcare provider to impact behavioral changes of a patient who is at home? How is a healthcare provider to know who is compliant or not compliant? How is a healthcare provider to prove that they gave their best-effort? And who is going to pay for this! The lists of challenges are numerous to say the least.

The ENCOURAGE platform was developed to address ALL these concerns and more. The ENCOURAGE Cloud is a free, scalable Accountable Care delivery system that enables your organization enforce accountability on both sides of the aisle. It also documents all interactions is optionally integrate-able with your existing technology solutions.

Healthcare runs in our blood. We understand its challenges. Our Professional & Business Services team offers a variety of optional services that help your organization scale up to meet the challenges inherent in “Accountable Care”.