Our Story

Showing love and concern for one another can be done only during the living years. Once a loved has passed on, the opportunity no longer exists.

Distance from a loved one is always an impediment for caring for one’s loved one. There is always the kids, the work, the dog, the house… The list is endless. However, all these come to a grinding halt when the loved one is gone and all that remains is regret for not having done everything possible during their living years.

These were the emotions that filled the founder’s mind as he experienced the sudden loss of his loved one. Was there something else that anyone could have done! How about perhaps another hospital another specialist in another part of the world! But it was too late.

Our story of a product was birthed in experience and pain of loss of a loved. It is the founder’s vision to build a “mechanism” that will help connect families to their loved ones, and physicians to their doctors regardless of time, and distance. And at the lowest cost possible!

ENCOURAGE is our “mechanism” that we’ve built to accomplish this.